[NBA] also robbed seven! The heat is really conscience Toronto team

Reported on May 14: Raptors today and the heat of G6, heat eventually beat the Toronto Raptors, both sides of the score 3-3, the series will grab 7 AIR JORDAN 5 3LAB5 FIRE RED SHOES TOP DEALS Interestingly, Miami and Toronto in the first round is the second round of the seven scored grab. Is the Raptors and walkers experienced 7 World War II, the final 4-3 qualify for the home court. Heat and the heat is the 7 games, the final home 4-3 promotion. Obviously, the two teams is seven snatch and grab habit to come, now the second round but also the tiebreak, and other 3 groups of East and West semi final confrontation have been the end of the, only the Raptors and the Miami heat the wheel to play extra time. The other 3 groups are warriors 4-1 pioneer, thunder 4-2 spurs, Knight 4-0 eagle. Especially knights, they play is on September 5 things, a rough calculation, to the next round of war for the rest of their time more than a week the, really is a standing on the sidelines of the relaxed and comfortable. Rob seven for the Raptors and heat certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, the fierce competition for the team keep mental state and tension more benefits, not lax, but the downside is, it is easy to generate fatigue and injuries, two teams is also true of the bigger loss of injuries, the Raptors less Vallance Yunus of center, and the heat is less center Whiteside, including Deng is combat injuries. Raptors and heat so intense it is understandable, after all, this round of the series have three games to play extra time, showing both the strength and the close. Now, the two teams have the first round of the first round of the seven experience, for this kind of drama should also be able to adapt to the end of the seven world war who can laugh at the end, let us wait and see. Author: Qiao Tete