After the [NBA] warriors roar joy adorable God bathroom vent hot talk Nash strike

Zhang Oakland in December 4th reported a victory after the warriors sweep before a double overtime loss to Houston depressed, curry, Green and several other players in the bathroom vent roar of joy. But after the game, curry and Nash talked for a long time, sincere to each other learn”. Warriors this win is very easy, in addition to the first half of the day before the score bite very tight, they have been far ahead of the opponent, the majority of the second half is garbage time. After the win, the warriors on seemed very relaxed, Durant and curry smiled clapping to celebrate the victory. The home team in the locker room, when the players inside the shower, Green took the lead in the roar, vent inner joy, this is echoed, Curitiba et al a time in the shower was howling in the locker room, hear clearly. “From the start of the game, we decided to lock the game, the defense to play better, to be more powerful, more aggressive. The score was a little bit close in the first few minutes, but after we hit a wave, we found a way to solve the problem, and then the game became easier.” After the bank said at a news conference. Home victory over the sun, the warriors 106th consecutive regular season did not even lose two games, which is a record of NBA. A loss to Houston after the termination of the record warriors may face challenges, but they are very good to meet the challenges, made a fully and delightfully victory. Curitiba, think this is brave character, “this shows us how strong, to win, we can do anything. After the last defeat, we corrected the mistake, which made the rebound very fast. We face a lot of tests on the road, playing such a record, we show that the character.” After the end of the interview, Curitiba, walked out of the room, in the channel and the warrior player development consultant and former NBA Steve – Nash meet, two people affectionate greeting, then hot chat. The library is obviously in Nash to “learn”, while making some position in the game, while asking Nash this view, the latter purse granted, said very detailed. Although the family is waiting for curry, Nash’s wife was here waiting, but two people standing there bibihuahua, say ten minutes. Finally, Curitiba thanks goodbye. In September 2015, the warriors announced that Nash as a player development team to join the team, the team responsible for the work of the team AIR JORDAN 6 BLACK SUPER DEALS It seems that Nash is doing his job, too. Author: Zhang Qiang