[NBA]6 war over 5 people! Wade even scoring record

Heat showdown Toronto East Second round game 6 of the contest launched today, wade in the game once again leap milestone, the playoff total score beyond Olajuwon. The game is not over, he has been 16 points, Wade with a record three points, so that his career playoff total score officially exceeded Olajuwon (3755 points), living in the twelfth place. Previously, round series Wade has in the playoffs in scoring almost to a one speed, in the six games across the five legend: G2 beyond Elgin Baylor; G2 beyond the Scottie Pippen. G3 over Nowitzki; G4 to Magic Johnson, G6 and beyond the ora Juwan. Among the players, career playoff total score in Wade before the only three, respectively, are: Deng Kenhe, Parke Lebron MEN’S NIKE AIRMAX 2009 & SHOX R4 SHOES WHITE/BLACK ONLINE Wade career in the playoffs are able to get 22.8 points, he has helped the heat 5 times into the finals, and won 3 Championship trophies. Author: