[NBA] Weiss was a parody: from Oracle to go home

Beijing time in May 17th, in the first game of the Western Conference finals, the warriors eventually beat 108 to 102 by thunder. The last moments of the campaign appeared a controversial foul, thunder Master Westbrook called prior to the suspension of suspected her walking the ball, but the referee did not make the decision. Recommended reading: when Wes under Thompson’s tight marking, the ball after a half. However, in the suspension of the application of the Weiss suspected the holding the ball walks, but referee but not pay attention to. This scene let warriors coach Cole complained, “I didn’t the blow penalty and the referee communicate, I think Westbrook is walking, but didn’t blow. That’s the way it is WOMENS NEW BALANCE SHOES 574 M005 AUTHENTIC ” Said Cole after the game. After the game the fans also Westbrook’s the stepping action parodies, they will Davis walking scene made the GIF dynamic figure, saw Wes hold the ball for the suspension after the skidded off the striking a big step, the montage technique, expression with the warriors coach Cole a face of consternation, contrast let people feel laughing. The next picture, Weiss of the step directly draw the warriors home Oracle arena, immediately after he slipped out of the street, slid to the track and field the 100 meter track, and ultimately toward their home. The whole process is very exaggerated, it is very ironic. After when a reporter whether walking problems thrown to Westbrook, he said: “before I heard the referee’s whistle, I will only continue to play.” It is worth mentioning is that it has not Weiss for the first time with similar reasons to answer the referee’s problem, in a game against the San Antonio Spurs series last moments, the Spurs striker Leonard has to Westbrook take foul tactics, but Leonard the referee penalty did not, the final Weiss dribble staged a long drama for, and successfully hit into 2 + 1. After the game he said, as long as he did not hear the referee’s whistle, so he will not stop the game. Author: Mu Zili