[NBA] also lost LBJ expression library synchronization God laugh?

Knight lost away 99-105 is beat the Toronto Raptors, thus both sides score is 2-2, the game from start to the Raptors 7-2 has been dominant, DeMar Derozan, Lori feel surprisingly good, billon Bo guarding the inside, knight is not no chance, at the beginning of the distal, Knight by LeBron, dellavedova pick and roll, then find outside Frye and empty cut Jefferson’s routine continuous play, because of the mobility of Frye’s feel and stability and Jefferson, LeBron Raptors cannot defend. Lucky is that they can not defend, but also by attacking the problem solving, difficult to imagine two rounds of matches because blacksmith will continue to lead the media criticism Lori and DeMar Derozan. These games feel so well, they again and again to kill the knight is not tight defense, all kinds of difficult shot the ball into the basket, LeBron? There are 5 minutes and 28 seconds from the time that the breakthrough dunk began, he had no way to score. Bi Yongbo inside, he offend not to go in. At the end of the first half hour that dunk cap, Loew in the third quarter dunk was cap is demonstrated, the Raptors to enhance the to his defense, constantly does not aiming for his ball, LeBron may not get the chance to hit the easy, and he has no Lori and DeMar Derozan that determination, full knight in the last 5 minutes only a mobile warfare score, that is Irwin in 2 minutes, the third succeeded. Fight to the last in 4.7 seconds, Knight contrast Yong Bo foul, which is to face the two do not punish, but six points of difference to tie is an impossible task, LeBron walked to ringside serve, field lens to capture the such a detail, his face actually with a smile is like the regular season, Howard countless times is captured to the Rockets lose, he looks at the sidelines smiling NEW AIR JORDAN 13 RETRO INFRARED 23 BLACK/RED SUPER DEALS SNM58 Barkley once said: “the game is still laughing teammates no one would like.” LeBron. Laughter is not happy, looks a bit bitter, think about it, LeBron I 16 throws in 11, with 29 points and nine rebounds and six assists two steals and blocks, what can he do it? In his side, Irwin, Frye, Jefferson still said in the past, Loew of 14 shots in 4, Smith three of 12 shots, abysmal. Thompson also shot, the presence of a net negative 14 points, this smile is like: Well, I really can’t carry it. On another site, yesterday the warriors lose, curry also laughed. In Green’s words: “our state has not been affected, is still full of confidence.” Perhaps that is the life of a superstar’s confidence, they think they can win in the next game, then Knight will return home to play the battle of Kings Mountain, when LeBron, he face will not be with a smile? Author: John