[NBA] wizards forward: after KD failed sequelae at backcourt duo outbreak

October 25th: as the saying goes, “their finest hour”. But there is a saying, “plans to keep up with changes”. In NBA, both in 2010, pat Riley at the big three plan, there are some such as Cuban the clear goal is to catch the team, in the end, the dream is to let people know there is not good. Today to talk about the wizards, is such a bad victim. Two years ago, Durant returned to Washington to play on rumors rampant, the parties did not deny, means to almost fair competition when link to see who is good enough to choose the lineup. And in reality, Durant is not always stay thunder, but the situation at the moment the wizards, in the outside world and Durant view, can not be called a competitive”. Spend less money: season total salary under wizards piled up to 100 million yuan, but after the team signings but few highlights. Now he / mahellonmi + Maurice + Potter + Bill + Waldo starting in the East is in the middle and lower reaches. Hit so much money, plus a new coach Brooks. The team had to show high when the flowers nutfall, the new season should try to win. But the team’s current strength, less interesting. May wish to take a look at their summer harvest: Trevor Burke: 2021 second round for fourth years from jazz, rookie contract: 4 years; Mahinmi 64 million; Nicholson: 4 years 26 million; Jason Smith: 3 years 3 years 15 million 700 thousand; Sato Lansky: 9 million; Marcus Thornton, 1 years salary and Bill, the top salary for 5 years 127 million. Except the last two people, one is their own rookie is a contract, the remaining several former employer there did not have strong willingness to renew, Burke was cleaning up sir. The number of copies of the Wizards Zachu big contracts, although not bidding bargain, “junk” some harsh words, but the first half part of the player’s career, most also just replace the role players, but very little influence on the outcome of the game. More critical is that these new players too passers-by character, let the wizards do not have the new season in the locker room lead weight in the locker room, big brother last year leader Dudley has been poached, Nene and goodden was abandoned, the whole team age fell sharply. The oldest is 32 year old Gortat, then 30 year old Mahinmi and Smith Jason, and the rest of the players are under 30 years of age. These people not only known for United teammates adhesive, markieff – Maurice and Gortat but are thorn in the sun in the locker room, was eventually to wizards. The harmony of the locker room, I am afraid not the coach of a person on the swing of the Brooks. Last year, 41 wins and missed the playoffs the mediocre record, and to deepen the vicious spiral to reinforcement, but not a component of the players can only pick up points in the state are filtered again after the odds and ends of a meal. Internal force not from the heart so you must make inside, high price also crustily skin on Mahinmi Bill’s contract; no concessions, according to the market for 5 years — the top earning money must be spent, flowers do not go out to everyone with a little. Indeed, the biggest problem lies in the last season, the Wizards inside defense, Humphries who drew Gooden, Nene’s legs and reaction started behind the times, the Wizards in rebounds and blocks all ranked in the bottom fifth alliance. Sign is when the foot size center Mahinmi fight of the year is a sound reinforcement, but Smith and Nicholson are more tough enough away from the basket inside, compared to last year, the three is more like the same style of equal substitution, not too much color, non reactive. But Bill’s contract is likely to encounter difficulties in financial wizards and future signings. Because of the leg injury, Bill in fourth years have only played 55 games, and even the doctor said may have occupation career playing time is limited. In the case of high risk of 5 years to hit the top salary, basically the only signal is: This is the future of the team’s core players BUY NIKE HYPERDUNK 2014 OREGON DUCK SHOES From the current situation, Bill seems to be not the core of the title, occupation career over the past four years, he and wal partner although fame, but always not equalterms: 4 year career Bill missed 81 games in total, equivalent to a year did not play; most of the season but also to 17.4, which is almost equivalent to the peak of Terry fighting force. Taking into account the doctor’s advice, Bill future estimates will not exceed 33.4 minutes of last season’s field, his offensive skills are mature enough, the future of space, I am afraid to rely on the help of his teammates Wall. However, now news that Wal Mart not willing to become this role. From the new salary cap, the original 5 means that wal 85 million years only in unusual price. As a team of absolute number, only more than third paid mahellonmi wal more than 1 million annual salary, but in the next three years to two when Bill took 17 million 130 thousand less than. As early as before because of dissatisfaction with Reggie Jackson overpaid public ridicule urbon non generosity of the people, the recent rumors have not been rumor, equivalent to admit. In this case, the team’s order, quite subtle. From the angle of wall or understanding: their own in the League for 6 years, harvest 3 all star, 1 time defending two, and even 5 times a week, the best. But none of these honors Bill. For Bill to score the highest one season scoring less than his career average of wal, results with a 5 year contract to take about 40000000 less than his heart knot is well understood. But the rules are not helpless, Waldo rivalry at Bill, a maximum of two people is not character not to meet an enemy position. But obviously, wal for management operation, some views. In talent management in the eyes, Wal Mart is absolutely the best, the team headed star. But in the positive degree, compared to other teams have not a tiny bit. Famous but not real, Bill’s contract is just the fuse, after all, in addition to immediately sign a new contract in Curitiba, the eldest brother so than two take charge of salary gap, two master of honors and the boss is no match, the contradiction will inevitably arise. Waldo exposed the immaturity of different, but in the pursuit of Durant’s not emboldened, want to put wal cousins is completely indifferent management in recent years, the Wizards rarely pen even Pearce joined only to assistant Cassell, second years with the clippers. In this case, the management of the team showing initiative, not to break out of the one or two major contracts will be able to reflect the. But the problem of precedents: Arenas gun case lead suspended for one year, the Wizards management Jamieson sale and Butler rush, Arenas gave up the ban 5 years 111 million contract for Lewis, hastily finally postprocessing off, while the impact of the white record also wasted money. In the body of the wall as also sparked protests earlier: NFL arena, Dallas Cowboys Jersey wearing wall in the scene to cry, but this game is Washington’s home court – red and cowboy is years of rival. The management is not without action: they dismissed Whitman, 5 years 25 million signed Scott Brooks as a coach. But seems to bridge the two handsome cloth: in no way conflicts between Wesbrook and Durant, Brooks is using the simple “half hearted”, the fact that the contradiction between the two intensified final outbreak of home, and to Brooks since he took office to interview, no thunder means he should not continue to use the thunder during the period of the means to deal with. The media for the new season as the Wizards predicted last year, suspended in midair playoff edge. But I’m afraid this is not the most wizards some of the situation: they will have a change, or homeopathy, or fall apart dapodali undercurrents hidden in under the calm. Author: Li more