[NBA] the Lakers pick or abandon small KD bender

According to a report in the Laker nation, Brandon Ingram will still be the most possible player with the Los Angeles Lakers hat in the draft night, but from European Dragan bender does not rule out was selected by the Lakers. Bender is the most in need of the Lakers big man type, perhaps they will be following the last year to give up Emeka Okafor Russell, once again in the draft to make an unexpected choice. In last year’s draft, Bangyan signed the Lakers had eventually give up good insider genius Emeka Okafor, choosing instead to fame is not so big of Russell. And in this year’s draft, Ben Simmons and Ingram are undoubtedly the top two players in the NBA AUTHENTIC MEN’S NIKE AIR MAX 2016 Now it seems, Simmons, a comprehensive skill is likely to be the Philadelphia 76 team with the first pick to sign. So, the Lakers in the second in addition to Ingram, there are other options? Murray – Bardi, Hilde – Chris and Dunn – Jamal? But the Lakers in the backcourt have the combination of Russell and Clarkson. And 1 feet tall, 225 pounds, 7 pounds of European Youth inside Bender is the Lakers hope to find the kind of big man. As Randall has occupied the position of the Lakers starting power forward, the Lakers need to find a can and Randall complementary players. This player has to take into account both the capacity of the basket and the ability to project outside, and Bender can do that. Despite his limited playing time in the Israeli League Limited his draft prospects. Bender in 2014 U18 men’s basketball tournament in Europe performed well, averaging 4.9 assists in all players ranked third. The Lakers can get the best players on the free market like Batum Nicholas and DeRozan, so they don’t have to pick Ingram. The big man in the free market, such as Whiteside, Bi Yongbo or Isawa Li, lack of assists. Draft expert Kevin Pelton were obtained through the data statistics, bender should is this session of the General Assembly on the draft second is selected for the player, rather than Ingram. Pelton said: “I have the need to emphasize that, even if the fourth is too low for Bender. His WARP value reached 3.5, in the current rookie of the second only to the – Simmons. And the other players are not more than 3. Such as Ingram is 2.9, Murray is 2.6, and Dunn is 2.3, is far less than Bender.” The Lakers season draft final between Russell and Boer ferry Regis hesitate. They eventually selected Russell. And Pohl Zingis made a greater success, he was in the best rookie vote after Downes, Jersey sales also discharged into the League four. Like Bender and Bohr Tianjin Hodges, is an international big certified. This year, the Lakers once again for bender adventure? Author: Hu Hu