[NBA] long! Evans after 1 year-end to return eyebrows adds a good helper

December 2nd: The Pelican this season got off to a bad start, but recently, they have potential, record also had some rebound. Now, they ushered in a good news, a long time Evans backcourt generals soon will return. This news is the general manager Deng Puxi said, however, he also said that the Clippers Evans is not able to return tomorrow. Before Evans is due to the right knee surgery and truce, that is his 9 months in the range of third right knee surgery done, so far, he has been a truce of more than 10 months. Yesterday, Evans was trained, he was back to the training of his left leg a little tight, so at least the next game he can not play. “We will continue to make him a truce until he can play,” Deng Puxi said, “we are pleased with his progress so far back, we will not put a specific return date, however, should be in advance, will soon.” Deng Puxi also said that Evans is in excellent condition, the team is also very satisfied with his recovery. The coach Gentry said that Evans is not currently taking too long time. “Obviously, we will monitor his use,” said Deng Puxi. “When a player starts to play, especially in the middle of the season, you’ll always keep up with the fast pace of others.” Gentry said, after the return of Evans, have a period of time before they can return to the state of injury. As for the role of Evans after his return, Stephenson said similar to the role played by the team in the team. I think Evans can be used as an organization striker, he can play a major player, I think he can play without the ball, you can go to the low back, Gentry said WOMEN’S PUMA DRIFT CAT II FERRARI BLACK/ORANGE TOP DEALS GZKKJNG Evans is the 2009 draft, the rookie season has played “20+5+5” of the field data, but after the injury has been affected, the development is not smooth. Author: Qiao Tete