[NBA] boss suggested that LBJ immediately ran for president embarrassed! Is too small for 4 more years.

On June 22 reported: LeBlanc finally fulfill a wish to bring a championship trophy for his hometown Cleveland, no doubt, he has become the hero of the city, and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is hilarious, he said want to see LeBron is able to get involved in politics BUY CHEAP NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE PRO GYM RED AND BLACK ONLINE HOT SALE After Sunday’s win over the seven world war, Gilbert gave Lebron such a suggestion, hoping he would become the Republican presidential candidate. “I said, you know, Republican campaign lineup is very bad, now you should join them,” Gilbert said in the knight’s official website to accept the Joe – whaddon. “Maybe they’re thinking about changing a candidate now.” “He (LeBron) actually paused a second, then looked up for a moment, then it dawned on me. I said, ‘wait a minute, as stated in the constitution you to participate in the election can only wait until 35 years old before they can.'” Lebron is already a 31 year old veteran in NBA, but in the political world, he is still a young man, and if he wants to run, he will have to wait until 2020. Gilbert is not the only one who wants Lebron to run for president this year. In the finals of the G4 and sides the whole played very stalemate, the war to distal warriors rely on advantage of rotation to widen the gap, the knight struggling to catch up, finally 1 minutes and 12 seconds, LeBron fouls station to the free throw line. Just in this time a sudden unexpected: a half naked fans stormed the field, the game immediately suspended and security personnel entry to the fans stand out of the OTC, it is worth mentioning is the chest of the fans wrote a line of bold words: “trump (US Republican presidential candidate in the presidential election of rotten thoroughly.” And behind him was the words “Lebron to run for president.”. Obviously, LeBron has for many years on the court demonstrated the dominant let more fans in the political field also to his hopes, but, obviously, 31 year old LeBron will still to focus his attention on the basketball court, after winning the championship, he has to prove the, he is still the league’s first. Author: Zhao Buchuan