[NBA] accident! The history of the strongest 3 war became melee

Before the start of the finals, various media according to the prior to the two sides of the performance analysis of a lot of, but also a lot of differences, compared with a unified point of view also a: on both sides of the three points percentage will be in a great extent affect the final results of the. Think also, side spray brothers is in playoff history most incase two-thirds of the second group, push just together to break single wheel series three point hit record, another team is third mad and mobile warfare shot more than 4 percent is divided into three, hit rate is higher than the warriors, if both teams are not more than three points. It is not a justice the, you guess what, this game also ran no justice to the. Today, an opening, Green try three points, Loew try three points in the. This is both the normal routine, warrior organization core first try to feel knight is classic block end sub split outside with, in accordance with this pace continues, the two sides divided into three shot must not be less than, and as a result? The next 8 minutes, the double file only dropped a three points, 7 points 28 seconds off three points hit curitiba. The rest of the time, Lebron’s storm, Irwin’s breakthrough, Barnes layup, boggarts dead. They seem to forget yourself and the three ball the hand juehuoer, began to fight up inside. Why, everybody looked stunned, Knight of the strategy is: LeBron fighting on interior lines and compression of defence, pressed into compressed biscuits, outside had a chance, a brave man is Andrew Bogut height and weight advantages, inside the ruthless cut, cut out a hole a hole, anyway, curry and Thompson also does not need time to find feel. Results such a start, is a whole, Knight shot 21 three pointers, this year’s playoffs reciprocal the second low hits 7 three pointers, flat in the playoffs this year minimum, the warriors voted 27 third is fairly good, but 33.3% hit rate really Nabuchushou. Knight three points less, because the warriors defensive rotations fast, in addition to curry warriors on each point counterpoint are absolute advantage, fast half transfer allows the rider can not like the previous three rounds as vacancies a mobile phone, LeBron in inside to kill the sweating, only their own hard anti -. Warriors three points hit low, that the knight is also on the defensive efforts. Audience almost all the clip library, the first section of a defensive 4 people are on the side of the pool, would rather miss other people not to curry and Thompson. Knight to do so is curry “technical rout, game recurring curry bobbin winder anti run, take away the defense, let Barnes, Andre Iguodala on-line to get a shot of the lens. At the same time, bilateral reserve strength gap is too big problem is, Livingston height hanging dellavedova, Barbosa can only be said is magic heaven. For the Cavs, dare not decisive use of fry and J.R. Smith opportunities to the flaw, a lot of three opportunities concentrated in Loew and Irwin is not wise, look at warriors, the audience shot more than 10 times the player have 5 people Knight since shouted “we lineup neat, strength stronger than last year.” The slogan, why did not dare to fry the former round of three points will be eye-catching mobile phone? Taryn Cole rupees, or slightly inferior. Think push against the thunder, Cole simply wore two less to play backup to spray brothers rest, tyronn Lue is not such a bold. However the first battle has been lost, also not beat by the opponent with the most adept at three points, both sides of a defensive tactics, staff rotation and what kind of change? Two days later, or Oracle arena, let us wait and see PATRIOTS CAMO CAPS YD CHEAP Author: John