[NBA] playoffs into the shadow of the three times on the list and the eagle mascot of the most miserable

With the union of G4 green cut crotch event processing results released, the discussion on the matter of the players, media and fans more fuel detonation MEN’S NIKE SHOX R4 CARTOON SHOES BLACK/GYM RED/SILVER TOP DEALS Famous sports website “the score” in an article wrote: “although green alliance suspended punishment might be a bit harsh, but he to his dangerous situation certainly knows — it’s like walking on eggshells. This season’s playoffs green always seems to with crotch competing with rivals, he has two leg attack Adams alliance to take the relatively restrained. Lebron this time, although the alliance knows an additional evil again, Green will be suspended. However, he repeated under the alliance also had pain killers to the public. This year’s playoffs, destined to extraordinary, “groin” “crotch” “Liao Yin legs” and other words and again the three. “Score The” is defined as “a history of violence”, and for the fans of the inventory of a series of “injury eggs” incident, it is surprising that there are still the top of the list of the eagle mascot – Harry eagle. 1, knee green top Adams was just the beginning of green and the crotch of opponent rivalry, game 2 of the Western Conference finals, he in a driving layup process, intentionally or unintentionally knee collided with the key of Adams. However, his subsequent actions better connection to cover up the the attack crotch action, and has not been found the official, and escaped unharmed. 2, green kicked Adams Western Conference finals game 3, when the parties is still green and Adams, but green tools of crime from the knee replaced the lower legs and feet. This time he is not so lucky, on the spot was fined a flagrant foul, alliance after the game to try to quell the uproar, the action is added as a second level of a malicious foul. 3, green hand dig LeBron this action though, is “the car in front after the rut, but the fact that has caused, for” others “kuaxiazhiru constitutive no malicious foul, and cut crotch but banned. So, the union knew Green will incur a lot of saliva, but also a lot of the scalp to add a malicious foul. 4, dellavedova chops Andre Iguodala dellavedova last season began, is back on the “evil man”. There are a lot of people think, perhaps he is tough, with “evil” is not detached. However, the first finals, he hit Iguodala in the back of privates break, and explain what the problem? 5, Dahntay Jones Bi Yongbo. The Eastern Conference finals in third games, the Raptors to the playoffs in the first defeat of the knight home court. Midfielder Bo more than 26 rebounds, completely grab explosion inside the knight. In the last garbage time, Dahntay Jones and billon Bo card hit the key and Bi Yongbo unexpectedly difficult to up. Finally, Jones was the League suspended for one game, and “heavy” $80. 6, Eagle mascot is “entertaining” willing to “dedicated to” the first round of the playoffs a, Eagle mascot Harry hawk carefully walk on the sidelines of a narrow platform, go to the bottom of the platform, he tried to cross from the railing. Apparently, he overestimated his own bomb jump, landing just stepping on the railings, the people instantly lose balance, railing impartial just with his vital parts completed the intimate contact, the site attracted the audience exclaimed again and again. Indeed, this action looks all pain. Maybe he just in order to show the effect of intentionally to, there may is indeed a foot on empty only suffered Henghuo. In a word, again how to humiliate themselves is understandable, but take others joked on some justified. Author: Small Red Army