[NBA] pioneer assistant is expected to become a substitute for Walton

May 24 reported: according to Yahoo! Sports journalist Werner Rawski reported, incumbent Blazers assistant coach Nate tibbetts become a strong candidate for the warrior chief assistant, a source familiar with the situation revealed. Tibbetts would in the US local time Monday night and the warriors coach Steve Cole in Oklahoma City for an interview. According to previous reports, the Warriors also interviewed current Hornets assistant Stephen Silas, plus tibbetts, according to sources, the warriors will their chief assistant the candidate on the two men, eventually the two men will have a stand out, replace warriors left Luke Walton, become the new season, the team’s chief assistant. Tibbetts had an interview with the Memphis team in the early days of the interview, and Sellars is expected to become the new coach of the Rockets season. Tibbetts since 2013 as the Blazers assistant, and this became the Blazers coach Terry Stotts powerful right-hand man. And in the previous two seasons, he has worked in the cleveland VANS ERA DECK CLUB – TRUE WHITE Tibbetts was also in the D-League Tulsa 66 team served as coach, two season, he led the team achieved 64 wins, 41 of the negative record, and led the team to the playoffs. It is worth mentioning that the pioneers had also received the permission of the wasp, they interviewed Sellars, hope that they can serve as the team’s chief assistant. For now, the Rockets have added a lot of pressure, they need to make a decision as soon as possible between Sellars and Dandong, to see who will eventually serve as the new season coach. According to previous reports, the Rockets are interested in hiring Sellars and Hollins Lionel together as a joint coach, and the current 76 people in the joint commander in chief of Dandong is also a strong candidate for this position. And for the warriors, the team’s chief assistant Luke Walton will at the end of the season after joining the Lakers, become coach of the purple army. Therefore, the warrior is a pressing matter of the moment is as soon as possible to find a suitable successor. Author: Mu Zili