[NBA] de la Green is no longer lonely also dig eggs?!

Beijing time on June 3rd, the warriors home court to 104-89 victory over the knights in the finals to lead 1-0. Della Vedova Game 3 voted 1, only to get 1 points and 2 assists. However, in a game of his behavior, but almost blew the conflict. What happened at that time? At the end of section third, Iguodala to promote a dribble neither fast nor slow, calm. But della Vedova rushed from behind, trying to steal. This is it just steals steals, also did not grab, but suddenly grabbed Iguodala’s “balls” 新着 NIKE FREE 4.0 V3 WOMENS BLUE GREEN ROYALBLUE SHOES This scene is not suitable for children, but the slow camera has faithfully recorded every detail. Della Vedova waved his hand, he took Iguodala’s crotch. Calm as a brother, this is not calm up, clutching his crotch called pain. Managed to endure the first wave of post, Andre Iguodala anger “miso” a rose, got up and ready to find dellavedova accounts. On height and weight, are Iguodala dominant. But della Vedova is not a vegetarian, before the media has done a survey: who is the best player in the league. Della Vedova in the selection of The Legendary Swordsman, leading the crowd. The two sides continue to narrow the distance, close to the confrontation, in the atmosphere becomes delicate, the referee arrived in time, and finally to avoid the spread of the conflict. This scene is not let a person think green’s previous behavior, in the push and the thunder of the contest, green the fly kick, make Adams caught twice. Poor New Zealand, being kicked out of temper. By virtue of this action, Green quickly become net red, and even by the advertisers. And in the finals, Della Vedova has done. However, the so-called such action, in the game or less as a wonderful. In addition to the opponent may cause damage to the party’s emotions will also have an impact. And the thunder of the third war is kick green eggs after warrior crash; then 4, green throughout a person’s performance is very trance warriors to defeat. And dellavedova dig eggs, Andre Iguodala quickly hit third response, to the distal, Knight defenseless, originally the third section to establish the excellent situation also destroyed. The so-called people will destroy them, impartiality, repay unfailingly. Author: LEON