[NBA] “pass the rocket” and came to the white edge + Anderson who can come to the city

ESPN news, will officially open the free agent market rockets in fully prepared to compete for players, according to an insider revealed, they in addition to grab the Durant, Al Horford, even rob Whiteside, Ryan – Anderson. It is not clear that rocket whether to arrange the interview and these players, however, according to previous ESPN reported Durant have pasta on the team list does not include rocket. Last season, the Rockets record only 41 wins and 41 losses, and ultimately in the last day of the regular season barely eighth of the Western identity into the playoffs. So they need to have a comprehensive upgrade to the squad this summer TOP BROWN CONVERSE ALL STAR LEOPARD PRINT ROCK N ROLL CANVAS WOMEN SHOES It is reported that the rocket will study the pursuit of the possibility of Jeremy Lin and Conley, but little chance. It is worth mentioning that, Nicks Jeremy Lin became famous in the year, it is the Dandong Nepal gave him the opportunity to perform the “Lin crazy” miracle. Now, the Dandong Rockets coach, Jeremy Lin is obviously very suitable for the new rocket system. After leaving New York Jeremy Lin also played in the Rockets, there are rumors that he and the relationship between the management of the rocket is not good. In last week’s draft, the Rockets in the second round of the selected two center player, but general manager Daryl Morey said the draft of these results will not affect their targets in the free agent market. Rockets are willing to solve the problem of their large forward position, they used 4 different starters in this position last season. The Rockets will have a salary of $45 million, which will allow them to sign a free agent with one or two big names. Rockets star Harden has said recently that he will actively help the team to lobby Durant to join, there are other free agents, and strive to make the Rockets to return to the winning track. Author: Qiao Tete