[NBA] Simmons: if elected champion will be very good to play where I will be happy

On June 23, the NBA will be 2016 the draft, the Simmons is considered to be the most powerful candidate this year champion show, there are more than a week will usher in the draft, Simmons recently in an interview said he was looking, and that if we can eventually become like element, it will make him feel very happy. Reporter first asked Simmons for the upcoming draft what to expect, he expects his will in which cis position is selected the problem, this Si Simmons bluntly: “well, to June 23, when everything will get to the bottom of the. They will be ready for me to wear new hats, I may be in the first or second cis position, there are some suspense, I will be in that day really know the answer.” Previously there have been rumors that Simmons wanted to to the Lakers, because came to the spotlight around Los Angeles play, will be helpful to improve the commercial value of his. And Simmons team for holding champion signed Philadelphia 76ers are not interested, so people are in the care of, draft if 76 people in the hands of the champion signed Simmons selected words, he will, effectiveness of the gifted young in Philadelphia in terms of whether it is a problem. This Simmons gives his answer, he said: “for me, I just want to become the No.1 player, life is only once become show champion opportunity, so you know, if I can become a champion in the draft, it will is a very good thing PUMA NEW STYLE 888 SERIES BLACK/PURPLE TOP DEALS No matter where I go to play, I will work hard, no matter which team to choose me, I will feel happy.” In addition to Simmons, a strong candidate of another champion is from Duke University Ingram, on Monday local time, the United States, he had just completed the trial against the Philadelphia 76ers, and team coach Mike Brown to dine. According to media reports, 76 people expressed satisfaction with the situation of Ingram. If no accident, in this summer’s draft, holding a sign champion 76 people will inevitably make a choice between the Simmons and Ingram, and holding a Bangyan signed the Lakers will choose the rest of the genius. Author: Mu Zili