[NBA] Knight: veteran body pain is not what can not get the championship’s pain

The Cleveland Cavaliers veteran Richard Jefferson is splendid in the finals for the third game, he is the game really is fight the best. Jefferson said that although his body is very sore, but if you do not get the championship, his heart will be more pain. The Cavaliers forward Kevin Loew in G2 is an elbow to the back of the head and the emergence of the concussion symptoms, which he had missed the third war game. Coach tyronn Lue decided to let G2 play well Jefferson Loew’s place. Eventually the veteran played a total of 33 minutes, game with the 9 points, eight rebounds and 2 assists and 2 steals, brilliantly to finish the task in the competition. This game, physical problems for the upcoming 36 year old veteran is a big challenge. We could see that he was a little bit tired in the first pause. Jefferson said: “it was a time when my body was aching and I felt I had used up all my strength. So, I can only sit on the bench, because I need to save a little bit of energy. Although only a short pause time, but I still want to sit to maintain their own energy.” Yesterday, the opening of the game, Jefferson at both ends of the offensive and defensive very aggressive. He grabbed a rebound, created Drummond – Green foul, cast in a third of the ball, lit the Cavaliers home fans of the vehemence of the, it set the tone for the game. It is worth mentioning that, because Jefferson had two seasons are playing for the warriors. However, after the warriors in order to free salary space to contract Iguodala, and finally chose to send Jefferson. Jefferson in the effectiveness of the warriors, who guided the green and Harrison Barnes these young people, at the same time, he also by Stephen curry and clay Thompson’s favorite. Jefferson has played 1204 games (including the regular season and the playoffs) in his career, playing for 36079 minutes. However, this season the veteran in the conventional field are only appearances in 17.9 minutes, but recent two games field Jefferson to 29.5 minutes on the phone, which for him is a big challenge. Jefferson said: “it is not difficult for me to play 10 minutes a few minutes. People also think that he looks good. But when I was young, I was able to play 30 or 40 minutes. So when they say to me, hey, we need you to play more than 30 minutes. I will say, OK, I will do everything I can. But it’s really hard to do that.” Jefferson said: “but when I finished the task, and I will have a sense of satisfaction PD860761UC PANDORA MURANO GLASS BEADS GREEN WHITE FLOWERS CHRISTMAS DEALS I think it is my ultimate goal to pursue the championship. If I am not able to win the championship in the end, it will hurt me more. Because you were so close to your goal.” From this point of view, the physical pain, even if nothing. Author: Hu Hu