[NBA] dimension less don’t laugh on the defensive line you don’t curry

Yesterday, after the end of the Western Conference finals G5, thunder guard Russell Westbrook laugh at warriors curry players defensive detonated the social media, press conference videos and photos to be crazy forwarding CHEAP TO BUY 2017 AIR JORDAN 12 “VARSITY RED” Today, the mainstream media also began to seriously discuss this problem: Curry’s defensive laugh live really bad to Jean Westbrook control?? The physical condition of the library in the NBA and not the top, although height, 6 feet 3 in the control of Wei is not short, core strength is also very strong, agile speed and no problem, but curry in the explosive force is not good. And importantly, warriors have Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Livingston such defensive guards, so curry defensive assignments quite often change to Robertson, Witters. In the post match press conference yesterday, a reporter began to ask Durant Curry’s defensive ability is not undervalued? ” Durant answered, “he can tackle, steals, of course, also be regarded as a defensive the, but we like him to prevent Westbrook that matchup.” Wesbrook is directly beside the laughing, and Durant was in the process of talking and laughing. “Sports Illustrated” said that this is not the Durant first sarcasm curry, last week, he hinted that the library is not necessary in G2 because save a ball and jump approach the edge of the crowd, but a player do looks really is so return a responsibility, seems to give people a good impression. So, Wesbrook really should laugh? Durant really should be so disdainful of curry’s defense? I’m afraid not. According to ESPN data show that, in this series, when the library mainly guarding Westbrook, Westbrook campaign a total of only 25 8, and appeared in a total of seven turnovers. Yesterday’s game, Curitiba, sent a total of 5 steals, including the last moment broken Durant’s key goals. From the defense data, Kuliben season is even stronger than the defense of Wesbrook. Data on the value of the ESPN defensive real plus, curry is + 0.96, ranking sixth in all guards, Westbrook is + 0.75, ranked seventh. At the same time, Curitiba defensive efficiency was 98.3, 102.2 of Beavis Brooke’s nearly 4 points better. Since entering the NBA, curry each season’s defensive performance are basically an upward, from the first season to the present, his progress is quite large. Especially in the last two seasons, he has a very good defensive efficiency. Last season reached 97.2, while the champion’s defense is also ranked first in the league. This season is the 98.3 warriors defense Curitiba, ranked fourth in the league. “Sports Illustrated” said, why thunder two less defensive for curry scoff at such, reflection is actually an attitude of thunder defending champion warriors, and they are not afraid of warriors, they are not necessarily the warriors in the eyes, they are very confident and can defeat the defending champion. It’s like the 2011 NBA Finals, Lebron and Wade Nowitzki, who had a cough and laughed at him for his illness. Author: Qiao Tete