[NBA] expert: a combination of all the outstanding characteristics of the line will be a surprise for the Lakers

October 23rd report: the new season is about to come, this is a generation of super star Kobe Bryant retired after the Lakers’ first season. The Lakers have shown some shortcomings in pre-season and have shown some amazing places. NBA expert Gil Alcaraz lists the new season for the Lakers expect five. Among them, Alcaraz that big Yi Jianlian from Chinese huge surprises for the Lakers in the new season. Yi Jianlian Alcaraz, who is full of a lot of uncertain factors, and this is understandable. As the first round of the 2007 NBA draft pick sixth players, Yi Jianlian’s first trip to NBA is not successful. And he this time to return to NBA, in fact, it is also hope that the redemption and re prove himself. From Yi Jianlian’s body, the Lakers have seen some of the characteristics of great potential, then Yi Jianlian these advantages can be converted into combat in the new season? Alcaraz tends to a positive view. In fact, Yi Jianlian has everything to be a good player for the Lakers. The Lakers are not going to let Yi Jianlian play, which can make people don’t have too many unrealistic expectations about him. From the season before the game, the Lakers coach team hopes to gradually adapt to Yi Jianlian, which may be more conducive to Yi Jianlian to play out. In this way, Yi Jianlian can be re gradually realize that they have a NBA level of speed and physical quality. When Yi Jianlian gradually found a state, he will become a key to the Lakers bench, as the team’s main reserve center to use. Yi Jianlian has a good range, size and athletic ability. Walton Luke is a very clever manager and he will find the best way to turn this semi – finished product into a pleasant surprise CHRISTMAS DEALS NIKE KYRIE 1 WOMEN SHOES BROTHERHOOD Alcaraz said, for the new season with the Lakers, people have too many “bold” prediction, but in fact, people look for the Lakers should be a reality. Alcaraz is expected to record, the Lakers will win 30 more games, in any case at least 17 wins and 65 losses. The coach, Alcaraz said, Walton is a new coach, under great pressure, the fans should be given greater support. So when the Lakers’ record failed to meet expectations, don’t lose heart, because Rome is not built in a day. Alcaraz also believes that with the worst record in the past few seasons with the Lakers, some Lakers fans even to support the city’s clippers. But with the new season, the Lakers are showing some hope that some of the fans will come back and support the Lakers, and the Lakers will be raised again. Finally, Alcaraz said the Lakers in the new season is unlikely to enter the playoffs or 40 wins over the record, but this season will mark the alliance in one of the greatest teams are moving in the right direction to start the reconstruction, and an important step. Author: Hu Hu