[NBA] Lakers wizards have been out of the game, Durant did not intend to give the opportunity to meet

Free market is about to begin, the focus of the media are on the Durant – Kevin. From the ESPN exposed the news, warriors, spurs and thunder is the most powerful contender. And in the “USA today,” a senior reporter Sam – amik line newspaper, also revealed that the Celtics clippers and Miami have chance to meet with him, were recruited. Thunder although many competitors, but still have retain Durant’s advantages are proud of the people there are losers, and had been optimistic about the Lakers and the Wizards in the battle seems to disappear. According to Amick revealed that the two teams may not get the chance to meet with the former MVP. Wizards are Durant’s hometown team, they have been hoping to recruit Adu to return, let him become a savior, Washington fans have long been open to the public to seek Durant to join the slogan. But Durant has been clear with Washington to draw the line, did not reveal any tendency to want to play. As for the Lakers, it might be small. While the Lakers have a lot of salary space, attractive cities and markets, are eager to find a successor of Kobe, but Durant, apparently wants to join a team can win the championship, rather than last year, only made 17 wins, 65 negative, the line-up only rookie team. Amick also said that this may be a blow to the management of the Lakers, after all, they are actively recruiting for the past few years Adu plan, but now he did not even meet the opportunity to. They can turn to the pursuit of other free agents, but who all know, Freddy Adu is can immediately reverse the decline of the team, rewrite the forward direction of the superstar. For the two teams, I’m afraid I have to make preparations used for the free market, after all, the team reinforcement will continue to, they side lobby Durant, for meeting may, while also ensuring after being rejected by the Adu, but also in a timely manner “grab” to other valuable free agent MEN’S NIKE AIR MAX 90 HYP 228654 Author: Kewell