[NBA] Adu: the warriors want me to dance and I’m willing to make a good atmosphere for me to open my eyes

December 2nd report: from Durant – Kevin announced to join the thunder has been nearly 5 months, and he was in the presence of the game is quite perfect into this new environment. He has also changed some habits for the new team, for example, at the entrance to each game, he is now starting to dance. Before the thunder he always looks out, do not see any emotions, but now he has interaction with teammates. Wesbrook also love to dance before the game, but Adu basically never joined him. Adu said: “dude, dancing is really not my strong point, but you know I am a team player, I can do that the only one who does not dance? Certainly not. What the team needs me to do, I want to do, even if it makes me dance.” In the offseason, even Durant at the Olympics, he is still a day to worry about a lot of outside chores. After all, he moved to Oakland from Oklahoma City, location, apartment layout, need to finalize the new home decoration and so on. Durant likes to force himself, he also had to ensure that the mother, brother and personal chef can successfully move together. “Things are a lot more than outsiders think.” He said, fortunately, we have enough money, but it also makes a lot of people count on me to help them do a good job.” After moving in, basic necessities of life are strange, “I have to start over, every move would have to do this to.” He said. Warriors also actively help him, Iguodala heard that he likes to eat crab legs, he sent a message to ask him to go to a good restaurant to eat a meal. “We always give him some app and make it easier for him to live. After staying here for one or two months, you should be able to adapt.” He said. Durant decided to let him leave by many netizens scolding, but he did not mind: “no one when I say these words. I don’t care what they say, a lot of people just follow suit.” Durant said he will not be interrupted in the online communication with the fans, “this is very interesting, whether I still love my black, this is a kind of catharsis of ordinary people, I feel very good, this is life, good or bad.” He said. His performance on the field is also getting better and better, as if there is no need to adapt to the period of the same. Coach Cole also said: “KD is too selfless, he can always shot himself, but he always does not forget to drive his teammates, super star can do this too is not easy.” Adu said that the cultural heritage of the warriors gave him a lot of shock, sometimes in the presence of some small things will make me think, wow, I really do not know that the original can be such a.” He said, “this is probably the biggest surprise, I did not know that they can learn these things NIKE KD 8 EASY EURO AUTHENTIC ” Author: Kewell