[NBA] wave Shuai: Alsager deep love NBA everyone basketball can only go back today

December 16th: the NBA court to the news today, the United States TNT veteran sports reporter Craig sager, the famous “cancer fighters” died today at the age of 65. Alsager’s death is deeply saddened, and his old friend, Sanantonio spurs coach Popovich also interviewed by the media for the great legend of the deep memory. Popovich said, love Sagar acquisitioning work, love everyone associated with NBA. In this day, basketball is not the most important, need to row. Popovich said: “Alsager is the greatest characteristic is his courage, he endured great pain, he actively fight disease deeds. The courage he showed in this situation was beyond my understanding. If each of us has the great courage to live, and live each day as if it were his last, we’ll live a better life WOMENS NEW BALANCE SHOES 576 M024 ONLINE All of us will miss him.” Popovich is a very strict manager of media reporters, usually not so good interview. However, during the Sagar struggle with the disease, Popovich repeatedly sent a message to him call condolences. Popovich admits, he will be with a heavy heart coaching today’s game: I think, in today’s day, basketball must also row back. Because we all miss a unique person. No matter whether you previously know Sagar, you will think of him from the point of view is the one and only a person.” Not long ago, Alsager has just elected the sports interpretation Hall of fame, which is the greatest recognition of his career. Popovich said: “just talking about his professional work is far from enough to describe his. As we all know, he is not only very good at work, but also a very good person. He loves everyone.” Popovich continued: “he enjoyed the interview, whether before, during or after the game. He loves everyone who is related to NBA, and everyone can feel his love.” Author: Hu Hu