[NBA] A De abandoned his club crown only more than 1 days to adhere to

Reported on May 13: a day earlier, the NBA introduced referee reports, recognition and Spurs and thunder G5 last minute referee made two error penalty, one is Kevin Durant direct enrichment hit two free throws to widen the gap, also once in the last 6.5 seconds Leonard foul tactics is ignoring the referee, the two wrongful convictions about the final results, lost the Spurs King Hill, with a completely different attitude on the court today. This game is a ball, the Spurs only start briefly occupied the advantage and outside shooters have a poor shooting thunder unscrupulous contractile interior defense, Aldridge, Duncan can not find easy scoring opportunities, if Duncan’s score in a row count is San Antonio’s surprise, that o er Aldridge downturn is puzzling, series two pre war Aldridge is averaging 39.5 points such as avatar, and he seems to have suddenly returned to the state in the Portland Trail Blazers, a not arrogate to oneself body to fight, do not want to to the basket for will only distance shot of the pitcher. Series G5 spurs lose really injustice, all people can take the two misjudged as an excuse, Aldridge not only, because he scored 6 of 21 shots, if not his feel downturn, the Spurs are capital even the referee beat together the, today the Spurs out, Al Aldridge played 33 minutes only 18 points and 14 rebounds, look data is good, but taking into account his scoring haven’t Duncan, 40 years old, the audience does not have a station to the free throw line, Popovich pick him Duncan’s successor, the decision is correct? Time back to the summer of last year, Aldridge caused many teams competing, who all know what is meant by a all star big man, including the Lakers and Knicks, sun have infinitely close to Aldridge, the Spurs won, because the Spurs are in all the teams closest to win the championship, even if their first round of the playoffs last year out, also no one doubts that the Spurs are ready to return to the peak strength. Aldridge Antonio bet big, now lost in a complete mess NEW BALANCE 1600 MEN BLACK AUTHENTIC Because he ran away, once the prospect of Portland youth army to rebuild the moment, last season, the pioneers of the five starting four, leaving only Lillard one person, the result? Lillard rate team reached the Western Conference semifinals, and warriors war 5 final defeat, Aldridge spurs only than the Blazers adhere to the day. Robin – Lopez to the Knicks didn’t make the playoffs, Matthews going to Dallas out in the first round, Batum to the wasp is out in the first round, the players without a walking billera de farther. Of course, if they are left behind, the development of the situation may not be better than now, can only say that the world is so wonderful things. Now the Spurs lost 15-16 season Duncan, Ginobili are likely to retire, the future John Aldridge, Leonard and Parker as the core of their, will not is a championship contender, the answer to this question, I am afraid to until the start of next season, to know. Author: John