The letter [NBA] 39 points and a career high detonation brother Almighty SF James will challenge the hegemony?

December 24th: NBA reported today ushered in the 14 game, 28 teams fighting. After back-to-back losing to Lebron knight, Milwaukee bucks in the home court with the Washington Wizards out today. They end with a 123-96 rout of rival. The Bucks star A De Tuokunboben game ushered in the outbreak. He had played 33 minutes, 19 shots, 17 free throws in 15, off 39 points and 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals and 1 blocks. 39 points is also a new career scoring high, he had the highest career score of 34 points. The East never lack of challenge Lebron imperial star. This season, has been competing with Lebron Paul George state of decline, another gifted youngsters took the banner of anti james. So far this season, adetokunbo averaged 22.9 points and 9.1 rebounds, 5.8 assists, 2.1 steals and 2 blocks. The five data all-around, can be said to be more powerful than Lebron and Wesbrook a new generation of players. With every duel Lebron, future vision cumbo are best, which shows his heart high. Although the past two back-to-back against the knights, but buck did not lose the fight. Back to the home court bucks darling, the first section of the game with the wizards were launched war. As a master Star Letter brother is also in charge before the opening three attacks all scored. Reverse layup, turn hook, stop in the distance, in Kidd under the letter brother is created via plenty of attacking technology. The first game, the letter brother cut 10 points, leading the bucks to 37-29 lead. The middle of the game, using the cover letter brother, his long legs behind defenders tear inside wizards, easily return assists partner Parke to complete dunks with both hands. The second section of the game, the letter is not offensive brother, single section and then bombed 14 points, the bucks in the second quarter and then scored a high score of 36 points, halftime got a score of 73. The second quarter began a letter with his brother, signs of the big step breakthrough swung open the other 3 defensive players, completed a record breaking general single hand Tomahawk dunk. While the second half of the game letter brother began to continue to impact the Wizards inside the manufacturing kill, the fourth quarter won a free throw opportunity of the 6 CHEAP TO BUY PANDORA APPLE GOLD BEAD CLEARANCE SALE In the Bucks bombing, the Wizards have completely abandoned the resistance. Competition in the fourth quarter into the garbage time. The letter brother after getting 39 points, did not work again, early in the game before the end of the half time on the early end of rest. Author: Hu Hu