[NBA] dedicated! The end of Frye indefinite truce in January his parents are died

According to the December 13th report: “Cleveland honest newspaper” reported that the Cavaliers post player Channing Frye gave up an indefinite truce, in the absence of the two games to attend the funeral of his father and have to report back in advance. In the past less than one month’s time, his parents both died of an illness. Frye’s impressive professionalism. The Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue said: “this is very difficult for him. Any time you lose one of your parents will be very sad, and he suddenly lost their parents. This is really too difficult, and will have a great influence on him. We will always support him, and will be willing to give him any help MEN’S NIKE SHOX MONSTER SHOES BLACK/WHITE/YELLOW AUTHENTIC ” In October, his mother died of cancer. He therefore missed the last two games went to deal with mother’s funeral. However, less than a month later, Frye’s father died during the Thanksgiving holiday. That Frye was a heavy blow. Frye on personal social media wrote: “this Thanksgiving Day, to thank the people around you. In this day, my father died, please take good care of your family.” The Cavs immediately issued an official statement to express condolences, and has made clear that Frye indefinitely truce will give him enough time to handle their own time. So far this season, Frye averaged for the Cavaliers averaged 10.4 points, 3.1 rebounds, Cleveland in addition to Lebron – James, Irwin and Kevin – Loew’s big three No. fourth scorer. Frye is important inside the Cavaliers during the rotation, Frye’s absence, the Cavs star Lebron – James even forced to the top center position. However, the 7 game Frye’s absence, the Cavaliers made 6 wins 1 of the negative record. Frye is the Cavaliers so far this season, the three pitcher stable, averaging three points and shooting as high as 48.1%, for personal occupation career high, but also the League second. Author: Hu Hu