[NBA] and multi staged counter attack drama Lillard optimistic he took MVP reliable?

October 24th: 2012, Lillard wore No. six show curse “entered the league, because a comparison is a superstition, bird people will NBA No. six decades talent is all used up, in recent decades the reality also confirms the doings of ghosts and gods as a saying, this is a wonderful coincidence. But this argument also implies a reality, is that Lillard never been optimistic about whether he is the No. six show. Lillard has always been with the superior physical quality is known, but the unknown is that his season to maintain attendance of three former occupation career, and scoring steadily, although the identity is Aldridge’s helper, but I’m afraid he has put himself as the true leader of the team. He is a born leader and key, in 2014 the first round of the playoffs, the Blazers are against him out of the rocket in the lore of G6 strong soldiers and sturdy horses, dogs following posture scored second round. Although Aldridge is the core of the team fully deserve, but people can see faint Lillard instead of momentum. Of course, it is only the momentum of a body is less than the quality dimension, shooting guard as Curitiba, controlled field organization as Paul, how can take charge as chief of? Because Aldridge long-term in the wings, so people ignore Lillard’s skill, moon and throughput, transform heaven and earth. The 2015 offseason, Aldridge decided to pursue the Spurs championship, Lillard instantly become a team leader, this is a new identity. Questions about the 25 year old Lillard can carry down the first 4/5 team? However, he really put the team into the playoffs led carry up, do not say, but also eliminated the Clippers rounded out the second round. Of course there are objective factors – Paul, Griffin injured, but can take the opportunity of the people that are strong. Lillard, is known as the point guard’s closest to the library, soared always resorted to all kinds of strong investment, soared from points to is no one. Averaging 25 CHEAP TO BUY ADIDAS SUPERSTAR WOMEN WHITE P2ZIK 1 points and 6.8 assists, this is his last season to hand over the transcripts. Single game scored 51 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists mad child warriors is amazing. Last season, there is no second people can be like Lillard as humiliating warriors. Warriors coach Cole recently said that Lillard may win the new season of the MVP, in fact, Lillard himself in the previous also expressed the desire to compete for MVP. Because has been underestimated, so Cole’s prediction is more like a tainted milk, but only the opponents fear of the people, can let the opponent out most willing to poison milk. So, Cole’s prediction is reliable? If you want to have a look at MVP, the team record, two personal data, three see the team role. As of last season in fifth, the Blazers won the Evan Turner in a tiger with wings added more, coupled with the thunder, rockets and other teams have different degrees of weakening, the Blazers scored three before the west not tell some fantastic tales. As for personal data, as long as he can stay on the season to play, fully enough to qualify for the selection of MVP. The status of the team, needless to say, today is the absolute leader of pioneering lillard. The library has been in Durant decided to join the moment out of the MVP for the basic. As for Lebron, I am afraid that the mind is not in the competition for MVP things. In summary, the possibility of obtaining MVP Lillard is very high, from the current point of view, his rival, perhaps only two people, Leonard and Lebron. Author: Small Red Army