[NBA] admit Cole is still suffering from a back injury this summer will visit the medical sequelae of torture

The Sacramento Bee newspaper “the news, the warriors coach Cole during the finals performed” broken unarmed tactical board “of martial arts skills, he told reporters joking, said this is the self destruction of the three tactics board, but in fact, behind the laughing, Cole has been and his injury in the struggle. During the finals last season, Cole back injury, the notch after winning he went back surgery, the surgery is not successful, spinal cord appear leakage, he went on to perform the surgery for the second time, that was followed by a long period of convalescence, he has been in various sequelae fight, including often have a headache, neck pain, fatigue. The warrior was absent from the regular season. Cole lost 15 pounds because of the pain, although he was very thin. “This summer will be very important.” Cole said, “I’m going to visit a number of experts to see if I can get rid of these sequelae are completely removed. I can sleep now, but I can train, but I never lost my head. This is very annoying, has been affecting me.” “Think about it all, this season is full of pressure AIR JORDANS XX8 SE “CHRISTMAS” BLACK/WHITE-REFLECT SILVER-TOTAL ORANGE FOR SALE ONLINE ” Warriors general manager Meyers said, first of all is Cole can not coach, little Walton top up. And then, when do I want to come back? And then we have a record. I think Cole has been showing his courage.” And Cole, he is always able to restore his sense of humor in these annoying pain. “I used to be the team management, said the real, I do not like to be a general manager, I really, I am not particularly good at when the general manager, when not how.” Cole said, “I like to stand on the pitch and the players speak, I don’t like to talk with the boss, the capital of the meeting, dressed like that every day. I don’t have a cold on the operation of salary space. I think I always wanted to be a coach.” Author: Qiao Tete