[NBA] empty joy! Adams continued life dunk overtime OT bathing thunder fans depressed

The thunder today home court against the Hawks, the process is more intense, the two sides still win in the last seconds close, although Adams finished two offensive dunks, but unfortunately, the game has arrived. The last 2.9 seconds, the thunder 108-110 behind, but they have the ball, and so there is still a chance in front of serve FREE SHIPPING NEW BALANCE 997 WOMEN GREY BAEZX Scored a two ball can get the opportunity to play in overtime, of course, if the ball hit a record 3 points, then the game can end. The last moment, chance or to the thunder boss Wesbrook, take the ball on the left outside him, teammates did some cover for him, but the defender is still stared at Wesbrook, Wesbrook chose to be a hero, he shot 3 points, want to get a winning ball, but actually threw a three james. The game has not ended, the basket into chaos, and the thunder players players are in the ball, Adams eventually won the ball, directly under the basket a dunks score! There is thunder players happily punching roars on the field at this time, thought to play extra time, part of the thunder fans cheering, because the game is not over. But the referee didn’t what reaction, soon the scene screen also played a final word, the score is 108-110, the thunder lost. Originally, it is clear that, when Adams grabbed the ball, the game time has gone, so it is clear that his violent deduction is not count. So the thunder have no hope of getting overtime, the game would end this way. The referee doesn’t even have too much replays to make sure that the ball doesn’t really matter. Author: Qiao Tete