Kohler [NBA] exposure and catch 23 small meat NFL

Not long ago to re submit the filed for divorce Khloe Kardashian and then practical action to prove, his emotional life has completely and Lamar Odom has nothing to do. Recently, the media photographed her with NFL star Beckham – Odell II in the bar dating photos. Kohler wearing sexy backless dress comfortably rely on Odell’s thigh, intimate behavior, as if in love. By comfortable after, Kohler is turned to face Odell, the two body close together, Kohler hands inside the Odell thigh, love. Gossip site MediaTakeOut also broke the news that they actually have begun underground romance for several months. Recently, two people’s high-profile, several times in the nightclub club have been dating gossip media or friends to take NIKE KYRIE 3 MENS BASKETBALL SHOES LIGHT GREEN WHITE ONLINE MDMZR Kohler is 31 years old this year, and played for the New York giants Odell was 23 years old, but the two romance are quite rich. Kohler last summer was going to divorce with Odom, when she was with the Rockets star James harden. Odom in October because of drug overdose accident, Kohler as a legal wife, or take care of his responsibilities. She love to harden eventually Kohler also continue to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, outside accuse harden derailed greedy. But in fact, the media exposed Kohler and ex boyfriend entangled date news, not long ago, and the media exposure photos of her and harden in the nightclub met, this let her love life is more complex, but she always to the victim image appears, also issued a document, said he was always “do not believe in divorce. Now she and catch the Odell, does that mean she put all the chaos last year to behind, completely get rid of the harden and Lamar Odom? Author: Kewell