Crazy [NBA] Lianliankan! Warriors single 15 assists scored 17 points in 9 minutes of God soup

December 6th: the NBA regular season continues, the warriors against the Pacers home court, the first day the warriors to lead 38-27, it is worth mentioning that the warriors attack such as mercury spilled, single out as many as 15 assists. The first section of the warriors will be perfect offensive performance most vividly. 29 shots hit 17 balls, 15 of which came from assists. In which Germany Green – Raymond although the first section did not score, but sent 7 assists. The first section also has 5 Curitiba, the center also has 3 patchogue Faria, three people together arranged 15 assists all. But the biggest beneficiary is Clare Thompson, his first day almost completely in front to break layup. Just 9 minutes, 12 throw in 8 scored 17 points. And in the bench after the game, Iguodala, Mcgee, Clark all the attack all hit, the continuity of the attack is evident in the warriors. Just before the 8 attack, all warriors from all scoring assists, this is the 8 time in 6 there is no defensive shot contact, like crazy to Lianliankan, good to hear or see. The warriors in the first quarter, especially curry and Green repeatedly staged a football quarterback, long distance type, Thompson is easy to catch up. At the end of the first quarter before rebounding after directly thrown into the pool front, Durant ball is a dunk BALANCE 574 2016 WOMEN BLUE RED NEW RELEASE In the first section of the 29 cast 17, hit rate reached 58.6%, with 38-27 11 points ahead of the walk. Author: Li more