[NBA] coach K about the rockets at all

Before the Team USA coach Mike D’Antoni into old coach k group, two people to each other is not familiar, but working experience or let old coach k of Dandong in the Rockets’ outlook is very optimistic about. “People will be used to saying he (Dandong) is an offensive coach, this is due to his ability to play in the offensive and aggressive.” Old coach K was talking about his old friend Dantoni. “The folks at that time not only liked him, but also respect him,” said the old K coach. He used to be a great player, not just a good so simple, he is incredible, he knows how to watch the game from a point guard, he was on the field of research is very good.” “He is a very good team manager, but you can’t expect him to be a success. He is a very nice person, smart and modest NEW BALANCE 580 WOMEN DARK BLUE DISCOUNT Some people might say, ‘Hey, I’m the manager of a team, and I can’t pay as much as I do here. But Dandong is the best, I like working with him, as well as the friendship between us.” When the old K coach was asked about Dandong’s system is suitable for rockets and Harden, the old K coach gave a positive answer. “This is clearly deliberate,” said the old K coach, who led Harden to the 2012 Olympic Games and the 2014 World Cup two wins. “The player can change in a lot of ways, it can be defensive or offensive. A good player does not want to have much faster speed, if you can open up space, and cast some strike so you will be able to lead the team. ” “There is no coach can succeed without a good player, when you have like James (harden) players like when everything, it seems, will be interesting. James is not only a scorer, his passing is also very good. No one knows exactly how they will be in the squad for next season, but it is clear that everything will revolve around James.” “I always felt I can do things Mike (Dandong) can do it, I will always hope that he would come to my team, no matter in what kind of way.” Author: Zhao Buchuan