[NBA] dual 63 points less than 28 points Tu warriors 2-1

Oklahoma City thunder in the home win once again lead. Kevin Durant scored 33 points and 8 rebounds, wesbrook had 30 points, 12 assists and eight rebounds, who led the team in the second and third section force attack, they played small climax to establish 37 points lead, the thunder team in the Western Conference finals in the third war home to 133-105 killing the Golden State Warriors team. Thunder, the total score 2-1 again ahead, the fourth series of the two sides continue to stay in Oklahoma City. Recommended reading: Game Review: Durant thunder’s 33 points, eight rebounds and three blocked shots, wesbrook had 30 points, 12 assists and eight rebounds and four mistakes, Ibaka get 14 points, eight rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Robson get 13 points and six rebounds, Witters get 13 points, Kanter get 10 points and 12 rebounds, Adams has been 8 points and 5 rebounds. Warriors of the library get 24 points, five rebounds and three steals, Thompson had 18 points and Andre Iguodala had nine points, green 9 cast 1 in only 6 points, 4 rebounds and three assists. The two teams after the opening of a fierce battle, Curitiba hit three points, the two time Thompson scored a breakthrough, the warriors lead to 11-10. Durant 3 point success, Robson hit a 3-pointer, who led the team play 15-2 counterattack climax, the first section and 5 minutes when the thunder team a 25-13 lead 12 points. Isawa Li twice basket score, Thompson and Andre Iguodala three pointers, the warriors quickly riposte 12-5 counter attack wave, they put to narrow the gap to 5 points. Kanter scored two times in the basket, the thunder team led by 34-28 6 points to the end of the first section. The warriors in the second quarter off to a good start, Iguodala hit three points led the team even after 5 minutes, the two sides only 1 points. Wesbrook dunk, the three points in Barnes, the warriors chase into 38 levels. 40 flat after the thunder team under the leadership of the two little open again attack mode, warriors in exchange for curry, green and other main instead of attacking misalignment, Witters even take four played 8-0 lead again AIR JORDAN 9 RETRO WHITE/BLACK-TRUE RED NEW RELEASE Green kicked Adams in attack dribble in the crotch, watch the video playback after the referee gave Green a foul. Curry, Thompson, respectively, after the successful offensive, but the thunder team keep attacking, Durant scored 10 points, Witters two break points, who led the team to 24-5 attack climax to the end of the second day, the thunder team to 72-47 leading 25 points. Durant thunder’s first half with 23 points and 6 rebounds, wesbrook had 16 points, seven assists and six rebounds; the warriors curry had 11 points and five rebounds, Thompson had 11 points. The two sides at the start of the third quarter after you come to me, increase the turn of the score, Thompson layup, the warriors behind 59-83. Westbrook fire scored 5 points, Robson also hit three points, they lead 12-0 spurt hit, in the third quarter and 5 minutes when the thunder to 95-59 leading 36 points. Curry offensive, although feel good fight back 7 points, but the warriors simply can not defend against Robson to third, Witters also hit three points, the thunder team riposte 10 points the advantages of open to 39 points. Leading a large margin thunder team without any relaxation, in Isawa Li dunk, yibaka off Bulan, Westbrook jumper. They take advantage began to 41 points. Livingston hit two balls, rush into a dunk at the end of the three quarter to 80-117 behind the warriors. Big gap to the end of the last section to enter the garbage time, the two sides are sent off the bench, the final thunder team to win 133-105. Warriors lineup: curry, Thompson, John Barnes, Greene, Andrew Bogut thunder team starting lineup: Westbrook, Bryan Robson, Durant, Ibaka, Adams, author: Xiao Liu