[FOOTBALL] Serie -18 year-old shooting score was blown Milan 1-0 for 3 consecutive victories

October 23rd report: Beijing time October 23rd at 2:45 in the morning, the Italian League launched a ninth round of contention, a focus of the current round of the AC Milan and juventus. The first half of the match digba pulled back, P Janic free kick but it was commuted to the second half of the match goal, Milan 18 year-old Locatelli shot, Milan’s 1-0 final victory over Juventus won 3 consecutive games. Milan and Juventus in the history of the clash over 179 times, 68 wins and 62 wins and 49 draws the upper hand, the two teams against over 162 times, the same is 60 wins and 54 draws and 48 negative Juve hold the upper hand. The recent 4 round of League Juve to maintain a straight, Milan has also won two consecutive victories. First minutes, Sandro Xiezhuan area, Dibala small angle of attack the door was Duonaluma Cepu block down. Third minutes, Alves right pass, Sandro shot out of the bottom line of the door wide. Fifth minutes, Juventus kick to the box, Gonzalo Higuain header saved by Donnarumma, but the linesman flagged for offside Juventus attack. Seventh minutes, P Janic free kick saved by Donnarumma bottom line. Ninth minutes, the Union left the ball after the break the ball to the ball pass road, Chewbacca, Suso closed line volley was Buffon Cepu block out of the bottom line. Tenth minutes, Milan corner, gnan buckle defender came in, was headed back towards the ball outside the penalty area, Locatelli shot hit high. Fourteenth minutes, Alves right pass, Sandro header was confiscated Donnarumma. Twenty-first minutes, Sandro pass, Dibala ball strafed by Donnarumma Ve in the bosom. Twenty-fourth minutes, Suso pass in the corner, Buffon hit the ball out of the area, the periphery of Bonaventura’s shot was blocked off, Paletta also shot up a stop after the crossbar. Thirtieth minutes, when the elbow hit for Bonucci Baca hounaobiao, received a yellow card ONLINE PD126252NT PANDORA WE ARE FAMILY GIFT SET Thirty-fifth minutes, P Janic free kick, Milan players against the penalty area there are Juve players offside, the referee and discuss the goal to void the linesman, commuted the dissatisfaction with the referee P Janic also received a yellow card. Forty-third minutes, Kurtz card when Zhengding overturned up Hernanes, received a yellow card. Moyes, Eder Luis Khedira received the ball Dapian long-range attack. Easy side battles the second half. Fiftieth minutes, the player passes Duonaluma to attack the ball outside the area kicked out of line, then he will pick up the ball, interference opponent kick-off, therefore received a yellow card. Fifty-first minutes, Claude Lado Sandro received the ball after the long-range strikes hit high. Fifty-fifth minutes, Claude Lado shot again hit high. Fifty-eighth minutes, Gonzalo Higuain shots from outside the area was blocked. Sixtieth minutes, Baca closed line volley, Buffon saved the bottom line. Sixty-third minutes, P Janic pass in the corner, inside the penalty area melee, Paletta kicked out of the box. Alves after taking the ball and then pass, Khedira shot hit high. Sixty-fifth minutes, Suso right knock, Locatelli inserted into the box to get away, to promote the right foot shot, leading Milan 1-0. Sixty-ninth minutes, Polly played for the union. Seventieth minutes, outside the area of the door Eder Luis low shot wide of the bottom line. The seventy-fifth minute, Alves long-range hit high leipzig. Seventy-sixth minutes, Bonaventura left breakthrough brought down by Alves, who received a yellow card. Seventy-ninth minutes, Locatelli put down Claude Lado, two yellow cards. Eighty-third minutes, taking down Polly P Janic, received a yellow card. Eighty-eighth minutes, Juventus free kick to the restricted area, Bonui header attack the top of the door. Milan at the end of the 1-0 victory over juventus. Milan AC (433): 99- Duonaluma /20- Abate, 29- Paletta, 13- Rome, 2- de sciglio gnoli /33- Kurtz card, 73- Locatelli (81’15- Gustavo Gomes), 5-, /8-, 70-, Bonaventura Suso (93’9- Lapadula), 11- (69’16- gnan Polly) Juventus (352): 1- /15-, 19- Buffon balzary Bonui Benatia (75’17- 4-, /23- 6-, Kikki manzou) Alves Khedira, 11- Hernanes (86’27- 5-, P Janic sturua Romania), 12- Sandro /21- Dibala (32’Claude Lado), 9- Gonzalo Higuain Author: Qi