[NBA] test God Randall field wrestle Walton dissent spray swearing expelled

December 13th: Los Angeles away to the king, has always been enemy Cousins and Randall in the field and friction, but the focus has become the Lakers coach Walton. Cousins and Randall never deal with, after a game, after Cousins went to the Lakers for Randall, two people quarrel, the Lakers “eat melon masses” expression also was made into expression package. Related reading: the field of two and friction, cousins Randall hugged from behind a push, Randall lost focus, then two people have fallen. However, the referee did not blow this action, the Lakers coach Walton very unhappy, rushed to the scene to challenge the referee, randomly eating a technical foul CONVERSE BRITISH FLAG WHITE RED TONAL STITCHING CANVAS HARPER BECKHAM TOP DEALS Walton more dissatisfied, toward another referee kuangpen, constantly swearing a whirlwind, from the mouth can see clearly the “motherf**ker”, “son of a b*tch” and other words, the referee will not miss him, second T, Walton was ejected. Walton is still very angry, but in the players’ block, or take off the players’ channel. The audience is constantly booing applauded, you know from the 2002 two teams will not be against.