[NBA]: the thunder coach Green pipe union

Beijing time on May 23rd, the thunder in the home court 133-105 victory over the warriors, made the series 2-1 series lead. Adu scored 33 points, Weiss scored 31 points, thunder in the third quarter ended on 37 points ahead of the opponent, the game into the garbage time. After the game, Weiss in an interview with TNT, said: we are to increase physical confrontation, the use of our advantage. We are working very hard, and I as a ball, but also to create opportunities for their teammates. And I have to stay aggressive at the end of the attack, they NBA the best team, so the next game we have to maintain this spirit and sense of urgency.” Coach Donovan also praised the team play, he said: “we both in attack and defence are outstanding, everyone to participate in a high degree, also played very hard, full of energy to scraping the rebounding and defense, which is a much better.” In the game, Adams and Green, also known as the focus of the conflict, Green kick Adams lower body, was blown malicious foul, Donovan also hope that the coalition can pay more attention to this issue. “Two games appeared two times this kind of situation, the alliance should intervene. I don’t know whether he did it on purpose, but the problem does occur in two games.” Donovan also said: “(Adams) is a tough guy, he can endure severe pain 新着 YVES SAINT LAURENT BLACK SKULL PUMPS ” Be kicked Adams said, this is not to say so easily, he told reporters broke the news, after being kicked, he was hurt to cry, even got up to find Green do not have the strength of the argument. “It happened before, and he could kick it.” He has not forgotten a joke. But for the coalition should ban Green, he said: “this is not me.” Author: Kewell