[NBA]: or because of Brazil virus had pulled out of the Olympics

By the mosquito spreads stockaded village card (Zika) virus about a year ago to the outbreak, because Brazil extinguished Aedes plan fails and the medical system problems, there have been hundreds of scientists called for a joint World Health Organization that Brazilian Olympic extension or easy to hold. But the World Health Organization and the International Olympic committee rejected this possibility, although the U. S. centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the virus is not as a threat to the Olympics held, but then hundreds of thousands of people visit Rio will undoubtedly produce unnecessary risk. Spanish men’s basketball team at the core of Gasol – Paul recently in an interview that he is considering exiting the Olympic Games, he also revealed that the spread of Spanish players are worried about a lot of. “I wouldn’t be surprised if some athletes decided to quit, because they don’t have to be a threat to their health and their families.” He said, “I am considering, I think people are going to any Rio should think twice.” “Some athletes also plan to have children in the future, but the virus will affect the next generation, the impact of their children and his wife.” He said, “the health of the athletes should be the first.” Gasol said that the International Olympic Committee officials must provide more transparent information to the public, to let the players understand the risk of competition. “I hope that the International Olympic Committee and the health organization will be able to make the best of the risk of participating in Brazil as clearly as possible so that the players can make the right decision.” He said, “no one has made it clear to us now.”.” Gasol also mentioned that scientists petitioned the WHO, but ultimately rejected the event. He said: “we need to understand how serious the situation, even if some people say no problem, but as long as some people doubt, is worth discussing and understanding.” Gasol said he is also looking for experts to understand the situation: I think it is the responsibility to do so, open discussion is very necessary WOMEN YEEZY 350 BOOT SNEAKERS 208 BEST PRICE ” Author: Kewell