[NBA] No shadow kick! Green then show the Chinese martial arts kick was PS with brain harden

December 2nd: the rockets against the warriors, the two sides battle after a routine time, yet the first overtime winner, second overtime played half of the score still clenched and harden scored three double, Green scored three field at quasi double, appeared on the controversial scene, the protagonist is the two Almighty mr.. There are 2 minutes and 12 seconds from the end of the game, Durant outwire three points not in the basket, the two sides to grab a ball, Green and Harden under the basket card, Green jump or rebounding, perhaps too much force, or jump too high, or Harden didn’t take off, Green in the time of landing the leg rack in the neck of Harden, kicking to the back of Harden, the referee to view the video playback decision, gave Harden an ordinary foul, Green a flagrant foul. As the NBA leg work best player, Green “No shadow kick moments” really many. This time is not new, after all, hold the ball break, nor fierce defense, but the vertical hopping onto the other players head. U.S. media PS master who read music, this good material how can let go? The head of a time Green appeared in the ballet, wrestling in various customers UNDER ARMOUR CURRY 2 MEN BASKETBALL SHOES 259 NEW ARRIVAL Eventually the game Green scored 20 points and 15 rebounds and 9 assists, but he made six of the full penalty in advance. Author: John