[NBA]76 boss: Simmons = magician +LBJ

5 July 19 reported: according to Fox Sports News, the Philadelphia 76ers in lottery Congress wish to smoke in the champion sign, which makes the whole city into the carnival. And the Sixers coach Brett – brown when asked for perceptions of “quasi champion” Simmons, hesitate to praise the Simmons and two legendary players are compared, he said in Simmons saw Magic Johnson’s traits, sometimes Simmons, like a younger version of LeBron. Since Simmons entered the Louisiana State University, people began to compare him with a variety of famous stars. Due to his height of 6 feet 10 and the ability to handle the ball well, the most conservative estimate is that he will be a strengthened version of Odom. So what about Simmons’s version? People say Simmons is close to James Lebron at the very beginning. After the Philadelphia 76 people draw the number one pick, the media asked the 76 team coach Brown Simmons for Bret’s view. He said: “you know, he has the magic of the character. Sometimes he looks like a younger version of Lebron, and you don’t know where he’s going to play. Sometimes he’s like number four, and sometimes it’s like number three, and he’s really comfortable with the ball. When people talk about his most prominent character of the elite players, will be the first time to think of passing. You know, it’s probably a little too reckless to compare him with the two great players, and it’s a bit too ambitious NIKE AIR FLIGHT ’89 UNIVERSITY RED/GAME ROYAL SPORTS MENS BASKETBALL SHOES ONLINE But there is no denying that he has a very unique skill before the coming of the draft.” Brown praised Simmons is not surprising. Simmons in his freshman season hit a stunning performance. In this season, Simmons had chopped off 43 points and 14 rebounds and seven assists 5 times, 3 steals, blocks of data, demonstrating their totipotency. At that time there have been some draft experts assert that Simmons has locked in advance of the current champion seats. “The magician” Johnson also claimed that Simmons is the early Lebron James after the best overall player. Lebron said he would not care about people will compare Simmons with himself. In addition, LeBron is to take care of his younger brother, LeBron, Simmons eventually signing LeBron my agent. In the former Knight’s game, Simmons also several times to the scene to watch. At present only can challenge the status of Simmons champion is from the Duke University, Ingram – Brandon. Compared with Simmons, Ingram the younger, his shooting ability and arms etc also have more advantages. Author: Hu Hu